John H. Howard

Bio: John H. Howard was born in Springfield, Ohio, where he learned a love of books at an early age. After earning his BA in English at Wittenberg University and attending the Denver Publishing Institute, he went on to work in multiple fields that had absolutely nothing to do with English or publishing. He has lived in Ohio, New York, and New Hampshire. He currently resides in Dayton, Ohio and works from home as a quality control editor for a national medical transcription company. While John usually dabbles in fantasy, he will write anything that comes to mind. He draws inspiration from classic mythology, folk tales, and fairy tales, but also loves a good ghost or monster story and is a member of the Horror Society. His published works include "Cry of the Banshee" in the "Tomes of Distant Realms" fantasy anthology and "Mrs. Cullling's Reformatorium for Wayward Children" in the "Twisted" fairy tale anthology. He has two stories set to appear in the upcoming Ladies and Gentlemen of Fantasy 2014 anthology: "The Goblin Lantern" and "Obsidian." John's stories probably would not exist without the constant support of his better half, Melanie, who is always happy to help him work through his ideas and make his stories better. Finally, John is blessed with two amazing daughters, Kaitlyn and Sarah, who inspire him every day to be the best person and father he can be.

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